What’s your favorite amusement park ride?

Never ridden a Roller Coaster before…

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#Swag #SwaG


#Swag #SwaG

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Official Girlfriend Application


1. Can you take a african dick? if not, leave now.
2. do you think im hawt? :-)
3. how old are you? (must be at least 12)
4. have you ever cheated? :(
5. ever been in loveeeee?
6. do you even know how sexy m abs are?
7. if a train leaves california at 9pm traveling east at 234 mph and another train leaves utah at 9pm traveling west at 136 mph, how long till you suck my dick?
8. describe yourself in 5 words.
9. Do you like to RAGE as much as i do?
10. What are your favorite singer? (if you like Clay Aiken get teh fuck outta here)
11. twat are some of your hobbys?
12. i like boobz.
13. do you have any black in you? no? want some?
14. whats the craziest thing you’ve done?
15. would you join a rap group with me?
16. if you had a super power, what would it be?
17. where is a womans rightful place?
18. would you consider yourself trustworthy?
19. how do you spell rhinoceros.
20. tell me right now why i should choose you.


What’s the square root of 69?
ohhh like in the song :D


What’s the square root of 69?

ohhh like in the song :D

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Ohio State Football

So is is just me, or am I actually positive looking forward to this upcoming season. I am tired of all these allegations and NCAA rulings and just ready for the pads to come on. On top of that, with the trouble the NFL is having, I think I am going to be even more engaged to college football. With that said, there are many questions on how our team will be looking. I for one am excited. The thing is that Ohio State is the kind of team that year in and year out has a chance to go to the National Championship game. Whether you SEC fans like it or not, Ohio State has the most BCS appearances and win making. Along with that, recent and past finishes make us the most consistent team in the NCAA.



Having said that, with the talent we bring in year in and year out, I expect us once again to challenge for the Big 10 Championship, as well as a major BCS Bowl. Luke Fickell has recently been named the Interim Head coach, and will take the role of Sweater Vest himself. As long as our defense stays as highly ranked as it always does and our special teams improves, I know we will be in perfect position for this. People forget that is was not our offense that put us where we are now, but our hard-nosed defense, excellent special teams, and attention to detail much like the 2002 NC team.

Ohio State Offense 2011 Preview


  1. Running Back - Our deepest position would without a doubt have to be Running Back. Each one of our 5 scholarship backs could probably start on the majority of school in the nation ( not to even talk about the 2 backs we have in our next recruiting class ). I expect it to be a Running Back by committee backfield even after Boom Herron comes back from suspension. RS Sophomore Jaamal Berry ( 5’10 200 ) seems to be have the highest ceiling of them all. I expect him to be the main back for the 1st 5 weeks. During the bowl practices though, it seems RS Freshman Rod Smith ( 6’3 220 ) was showing a lot of people why he was so highly touted and compared to Beanie Wells. Look for him to be the thunder to Berry’s lightning. Talented Junior Jordan Hall ( 5’9 195 ) also looks like someone who needs the ball in him hands. Look for him to return kicks and punts as well as being used as a jack of all trades in the offense.
  2. OLine - The offensive line may be in better shape than people think. Ohio State generally is excellent at recruiting in the trenches. The departure of multiple year starters Bryant Browning and Justin Boren and Mike Adams due to suspension leaves Michael Brewster 3 year starter at Center and J.B. Shugarts at RT with big holes to fill. Sophomore Andrew Norwell ( 6’5 308 ) came to Ohio State as the #2 OT in the Nation and proved it, filling in for Shugarts while he suffered with some injury problems in a couple games. I expect him to hold the LT position down until Mike Adams comes back from injury. Marcus Hall RS Junior ( 6’5 321 ) is an excellent run blocker and Jack Mewhort RS Sophomore ( 6’6 288 ) is a highly touted player who I see owning the guards spots. Corey Linsley ( 6’2 298 ) seems destined to back up both Guard spots as well as center. Incoming Freshman Antonio Underwood ( 6’3 295 ) and Brian Bobek ( 6’2 278 ) are also darkhorses, but seem destined to either be back-ups or redshirted.
  3. Wide Recievers - might be the most inexperienced position of all. Sophomore Corey Brown ( 5’11 170 ) is the leading receiver with 8 receptions for 105 yards and 1 TD, followed by RS Sophomore Chris Fields ( 6’ 185 ) with 3 receptions for 22 yards. RS Freshman TY Williams ( 6’5 218 ) perhaps has the highest potential of them all but it still very raw. I expect these 3 to hold the position down until Devier Posey makes it back.
  4. Tight-End - The TEs are a reason I feel the inexperience at WR isn’t too big of a problem. RS Junior Jake Stoneburner ( 6’5 245 ) is a more than capable receiver. Junior Reid Fragel ( 6’8 265 ) is a mammoth and such an excellent blocker that there is even talk of moving him to Tackle. He really came into his own with Stoneburner’s injury last year and make big plays and blocks including his big catch and run against Arkansas. Senior Spencer Smith ( 6’2 236 ) is also versatile in that he can play both TE and FB. 2 talented Freshmen in Nick Vannett ( 6’6 230 ) and Jeff Heurman ( 6’5 225 ) also can earn playing time for themselves and our good enough to play right away.
  5. FB - Junior Zach Boren ( 6’ 244 ) leads the way as a 3rd year starter. Adam Homan ( 6’2 238 ) is also a more than capable back up. If RB is our deepest position, then FB may be our strongest. Look for them to pave the way the 1st 5 weeks in Run - Heavy offense.
  6. QB- Now, we are down to perhaps the most intriguing battle. Who takes over for Terrelle Pryor for the beginning of the season? SR Joe Bauserman ( 6’1 233 ) is the most experienced of them all, but I am not sure he puts fear in the hearts of defensive coordinators. He is the kind of QB that won’t lose a game and won’t exactly win a game either. He is a game-manager. Last year many were clamoring for RS Sophomore Kenny Guition ( 6’2 190 ) to be Pryor’s back-up after a outstanding spring game. He is a dual-threat QB similar to Pryor, but not nrealy as dynamic. He needs to become more accurate and make better reads though to become the starter. RS Freshman Taylor Graham ( 6’4 225 ) might have the best arm of them all. In fact, he scouted as Ryan Mallett in preparation for the Sugar Bowl. What he has working for him is his size and arm. What he has against him is he is not as mobile as the others or as experienced. Lastly early enrollee Braxon Miller ( 6’3 205 ) seems to be the future of the program at QB. The #1 Qual-threat QB much like Pryor as a Senior has come here with a good chance to earn early playing time. Initially I expected him to red-shirt and learn behind Pryor until Pryor was suspended. Enrolling early was  very important for him, because it allowed him to adjust to academics, as well as pick up the playbook and get valuable experience in the spring. I look to him to either redshirt, or have certain packages to utilize much like Pryor and Boekman did. With that being said, I think Bauserman will win it. We know Tressel in conservative, so Bauserman would be the most conservative pick. 


The only place where you can experience all 4 season in a single day.

He looks like he is getting it. Funny thing is he probably dances better than half the WP in the world.

He looks like he is getting it. Funny thing is he probably dances better than half the WP in the world.

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If you had a day to volunteer, where would you volunteer?

The condom testing factore

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Anonymous said: Random person dropping by. Hopped on here through a Google image search. Read your short term goals. Keep it up kid, and you'll go somewhere. No one is going to do anything for you, so self determination and having your goals prioritized will greatly increase your chances at success.

Thanks man! Really appreciate the love. It is genuine people like you that keep me motivated.